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20 Oct 2006 - 19 Nov 2016
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Music taste
Anything from Classical to Alternative Rock. Lately, I have been into 70s and 80s music.
Favorite drink
Not really much of a drinker but that Kahlúa & Milk is very tasty.
Favorite quote
"Imagination is more important than knowledge"
– Albert Einstein
Recommended Books
Jeff Fisher's book, The Savvy Designer's Guide To Success: Ideas and Tactics for a Killer Career. It's a great book about design. A lot of good information about freelancing and everything else in between.

Another good book is How to Grow as a Graphic Designer. The book is a collection of memories of designer insights into how designers overcame challenges and obstacles to become who they are today.

Calvin Lee:
creative director

Location: Los Angeles, California



How did you become a designer/artist?

Since I was a kid, I knew that I would have a career in the design field. It all started when I picked up my first comic book. I loved how it brought you into another world. I thought, someday I will be drawing comics myself. Then I realized I didn't have the patience to be an illustrator. So, I went in the direction of architecture, and found that it wasn't my cup of tea either. Finally, I ended up at a community college attending a two-year Commercial Art program. I really enjoyed solving problems through visuals and type design. I figured since I loved designing why not get paid for it.

What are you doing now?

Currently I am in talks with two businesses for potential identity, collateral, Web site and e-mail marketing projects. I was contacted after I attended a few networking meet-ups and from the e-Newsletters I send out monthly. I am always trying to promote myself and find ways to get my name out there to potential clients. Submitting designs for competitions and getting into books is a great marketing tool. Recently, three of my business card designs were chosen to appear in David E. Carter's "The Big Book of Business Cards", which is in bookstores now.

Where are you from originally?

People seem to think I am a surfer just because I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I don't really like the beach that much. What I do like is how Los Angeles is a big melting pot of cultures. When you're in the mood for Thai food, a French movie or some Salsa dancing, it's just a short drive away.

What are your plans for the future?

I am finding that I really enjoy working on identity systems. I may specialize in identity systems in the near future. Even though I still enjoy working on brochures, ads, Web sites, etc., I like the idea of developing a mark for a company that represents and sells the client. An identity system is a fairly quick turnaround time compared to a brochure or a Web site and less headaches production wise. I am also planning on growing my business by helping businesses develop an identity and brand recognition to distinguish them from the rest of the competition.

What American artist inspires you most?

I don't a have a specific artist that inspires me. I think other designers, nature, friends, and life inspires me. Often times, things not relating to design inspire me. I may be at the gym working out or jogging...then suddenly ideas and inspiration come to me.

What unlocks your creativity?

Many times I have to step away from my work space and engage in an activity that is different from design. Working out, going to the movies, being outside and enjoying life helps. Looking at other designers' work also helps me to stay motivated and creative. I enjoy browsing through design books, magazines and Web sites. You can find me at Borders or Barnes & Noble almost every weekend. I have design books piled all over the house. I can't seem to find enough room to store all my books.

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