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2012 – 2013 Design Events & Exhibitions
January 24–27, 2013
Interior Design Show

Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Toronto, Canada

The Interior Design Show (IDS) is Canada's largest contemporary design fair. The annual exhibition features more than 300 exhibitors who will present the newest and most innovative in international and Canadian design. Inspirational exhibits will feature both emerging and established designers, and highlight international interior design, architecture, and industrial design trends. Every year world-renowned designers and architects participate as keynote speakers and create inspiring feature exhibits. Since 1999, IDS has grown to become a must-see for design professionals, design savvy consumers and media. It serves as a design industry hub, providing a unique and unrivalled business opportunity for thousands of businesses, designers, artists and design lovers.

February 25–26, 2013
Visual Interface Design at Cooper U

San Francisco, California

The application of type, color, icons, and other aspects of visual design are critical to the usability of your product or website. Visual design choices are also key to connecting emotionally with your customers (and to selling more products). Taught by senior Cooper designers, our Visual Interface Design course addresses the cross-section of detailed interaction design, screen layout, and branding. We'll show you how these elements should play together to ensure that a well-conceived, well-behaved product is also a usable and desirable one.

Through December 9, 2012
Vertical Urban Factory

Design Exchange
Toronto, Canada

Can factories be re-integrated into urban centres and present sustainable solutions for future self-sufficient cities? A renowned exhibition and research project presents the history and provokes the future for urban factories coming to the DX from New York via Detroit. It features a timeline comparing industrial technology, social issues, and factory design over the centuries. There is an in depth look at over 30 factories – illustrated with over 200 photographs, diagrams, drawings, models, and historic films. Both historic and contemporary examples of urban factories are displayed including – American Apparel in Los Angeles and the VW "Transparent Factory" in Dresden Germany (designed as a marketing tool).

Through January 3, 2013
Eero Saarinen: A Reputation for Innovation

Architecture and Design Museum
Los Angeles, California

Born in Finland, Eero Saarinen (1910–1961) is recognized today as one of America's most influential architects of the 20th Century. The exhibition at A+D Architecture and Design Museum>Los Angeles will highlight his short but brilliant career beginning with the Smithsonian Gallery of Art Competition in 1939 and culminating with Dulles Airport in 1962 and highlighting his influence on design in mid-Century America.

Through January 13, 2013
ReGeneration: From Sustainability to Cultural Vitality

New York Hall of Science
Queens, New York

ReGeneration explores the connection of cultural vitality to immigration, urbanization, and sustainability through the intersection of art, science and technology.

Through January 19, 2013
The Edgeless School: Design for Learning

Center for Architecture
New York, New York

What do you remember most from school: a favorite teacher, a great book, a singular moment of discovery? And what is the setting of that memory? Do you think the design of the space affected the learning experience? The Edgeless School: Design for Learning presents nineteen 21st century school buildings from across the U.S. that blur distinctions between learning needs, approaches, and environments.
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